According to the Kinsey institute, dozens of people experience
sexual arousal at the sight of pretzels, or bread-realated produects.

Bread fetishists often experience extreme feelings of guilt or isolation --
thinking they are "freaks" and "misfits." As a result they have a common tendency to isolate themselves from
social situations. Staying home, working late hours, hanging around the dumpsters at the bakery wearing nothing
but a dirty trench coat. If this is you, then this is your site. You are no longer alone...

The open, honest, and safe way to connect with like-minded individuals and explore your darkest, yeastiest fantasies.

Whether or not you've atually gone "full pretzel" before, or are just a dabbler in dessert breads and the occasional coffee cake, you're sure to find someone you can really connect with on our site.


Simply browse our extensive collection of profiles, find the person who has the same general appetities that you have, then send them an anonymous flour ("Flower?" See what we did there?) to tell them you're interested.


If the person likes you as well, they can respond by putting a loaf directly to your oven, and before you know it, you're off on a twisty adventure (mustard and/or cream cheese optional).


Bored with the same old rolls? Glaze not as buttery as it once was? Dough failing to rise? Share your experiences in our community kitchen, trade "recipes," swap "ingredients," all anonymously.

Meet just some of our satisfied customers

"Schnookums" and "Pookie"

Our first happily united couple. They were so happy to be on a date at last, they went immediately to a seedy bar, devoured three bowls of stale bar pretzels, then moved right on to the goldfish. Now that's commitment!

"CabinBoy" and "StickWiggler"

She's an international airline pilot; he's a stewardess. They never would have met if it wasn't for our site. Now she's regularly enjoying an extra little bag (of pretzels) in the cockpit ... if you know what we mean.

"LeatherMan" and "HogWrangler"

These two crazy harley-riding kids were afriad they'd never find anyone with their penchat for the wild things in life. Now they've enjoyned many long rides while splitting a sack of pepperoni and cheese-stuffed bosco sticks on the open road.

"Hank" and "Lyle"

According to Hank, he'd been admiring Lyle's buns for quite some time down at the bakery, but was just afraid to commit to the "pretzel lifestyle." Thanks to Pretzels Only, however, he was finally able to knead Lyles dough.

Ready to do something?

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